Tradition, elegance, quality.
Maglificio Liliana encapsulates values which are considered essential in the philosophy of the Lorenzoni family and makes this company unique and different from the other ones.
Tradition: in the present lives what was in the past interpreting and updating the great Italian textile culture with taste and competence.
Quality: since ever, a mix of craftsmanship and modern technology, yet not forgetting the tradition from the past. A distinctive mark as a result of ability, experience, creativity and technology of the skill workers.
Fine yarns, such as cashmere, silk, fine cotton and merino wool are turned into unique and iconic items.
Updated fashion as a key point for a successful future featured by a man who is aware of his taste level. The awareness of taste turns into the creation of unique items, where every single element conveys values that can be immediately perceived.
It distinguishes and it is distinguished.
The company has it at heart the preservation of the environment. The needed energy solely comes from its own renewable sources. Energy waste is minimized, aggressive and dangerous dyeing are avoided.
Maglificio Liliana is certified as a company in compliance with the international standard laws for environmental protection.